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Wholesale Distribution Software

Streamline your entire distribution business including sales, inventory, shipping, invoicing, customer support and more. With no per-user fees and no software to install, you can involve your entire organization including individuals in different offices and warehouses. Customized workflows allow you to maintain your existing business processes or modify them based on availability of real-time reports and dashboards.

Software and Technology

Utilize Acumatica's advanced deferred revenue capabilities and recurring billing solutions to track customer maintenance plans, software sales, and services work. Companies with off-shore offices benefit from browser based access to a centralized database that delivers real-time dashboards and reports.

Not for Profits

Manage your non-profit's financials to maintain compliance with IRS reporting requirements and better manage your programs with our ERP solutions. Acumatica's general ledger includes on-the-fly sub-accounts so you can easily group projects and link funds to specific budgets and projects. Centralized management and real-time dashboards allow you to focus on your mission instead of software.


Configure the workflow engine to automate complex processes involving multiple employees, partners, and customers who are geographically dispersed. Gain control over what people are working on as well as profitability of individual projects. Acumatica's browser based interface and unlimited user pricing allows you to quickly add users with neither software licensing nor IT deployment costs.


Manage your customer orders from first contact all the way through fulfillment and invoicing. Advanced distribution and customer management are pre-integrated, while flexible APIs and import utilities allow you to interface with your factory automation systems. In early 2011, Acumatica will offer an integrated bill of materials, material requirements planning, capacity planning, production management, and a product configurator through a partnership with a leading manufacturing software vendor.

Retail Services

Acumatica delivers a centralized view of your business so you get real-time status of orders, inventory, and profitability by location and product. By delivering a complete view of your business across online sales, telesales, and retail sales operations, Acumatica allows you to optimize inventory, ordering, and profitability

Non-Profit Solution

Services Industry Solution

Acumatica delivers software that you can access from anywhere so you remain productive whether you are in your home office, at a client site, or traveling. Unlimited user pricing allows your entire organization to collaborate on projects without losing control.

Financial Management for Service Companies

Advanced Services Accounting
Advanced accounting features streamline your standard sales process and deliver the flexibility to account for the "one-offs" that are critical to completing sales. Sales contracts can be configured to automate customer specific pricing, special terms, maintenance payments, subscriptions, and professional services work.

Contract Management
The Accounts Receivable Module allows you to create customer specific contracts that incorporate products, services, and billable hours. Labor rates, services, and products can have different rates for individual clients. All Employees can enter time sheets that link to specific contracts without installing client software.

Report time and expenses from anywhere
Acumatica is web-based so you can enter Timesheets and submit expense reports from anywhere without requiring access to a specific computer. Approvals and workflow can be customized to your particular business and can also be completed from anywhere.

Features built for service companies

Acumatica was designed to meet the needs of service companies. Everything you need is included in one integrated package:

ERP Solutions Overview

Managing a non-profit is more complicated than following and executing your mission statement. Acumatica delivers the tools you need to intelligently manage your financials to maintain compliance with IRS reporting requirements and better manage your funds.

Non-Profit Accounting Software for Non-Technical Users

Maintain control of your programs
Acumatica sub-accounts to separate programs that have funds ear marked for a specific purpose. With sub-accounts you can categorize expenses so they track to a specific program. Vendor expenses can be allocated to a specific program so real-time reports notify you of program balances.

Real-time financial reports
Acumatica includes two report writers that allow you to customize and create new reports. All reports can be added to menus and selected from dashboards so they are easy to find. Reports are delivered in real-time and include only data that users are authorized to see. The Acumatica account structure allows you to create one report that automatically produces budgets and expenses for all funds - even new funds that you create.

Features built for non-profits
Acumatica Financial Management Suite contains all the key features you need in one integrated package:

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