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Why Managed Services?  Because we will save your money let us show you how

As more demands and reliance is placed on your information systems it is common for your staff to be over-extended. This is particularly true in small and medium-sized practices, who may not have trained full time IT staff. As a result, time is spent recovering from problems and fighting fires, with little time left for the tasks of necessary preventative maintenance. These practices include patching and upgrading existing systems, monitoring system errors and doing preemptive failure analysis, all of which lead to better performance, less downtime, increased employee productivity and satisfaction, and.

Solutions based on the comprehensive managed services model can address these needs by providing the following benefits for less than your hard and soft costs spent maintaining an IT department:

Your accounting firm can use comprehensive managed services: Our team can assist

Evron's Approach

Evron's approach is to achieve the goals above by using Evron staff, tools and methodology in a consultative relationship with you. We set up a plan to meet your objectives within a budget that makes sense to you.

Services Provided

Covered services can include: 

General Support

In addition to managed services plans, Evron offers flexible technical support programs to meet every client's needs, including scheduled preventative maintenance, precommited time packages, retainer programs and simple time and materials visits.

Managed Services For Law Firms

Managed Services have proven to be a valuable and cost effective method of resolving common issues of time and expertise within internal IT departments.

Whether simply remote monitoring of your systems health, or constant, complete network support from our skilled technicians, you can trust Evron to keep  your network  running smoothly virtually 100% of the time. It's like having your own internal IT department, but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll have the peace of mind to focus on your practice and leave the rest to us.

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