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Unified Communications

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Studies have been done to show what priorities exist for small businesses. It's not surprising that the priorities are the same as those for large enterprises.

Small business in fact looks to be the fastest growing segment of technology consumption worldwide over the next decade. Two of the main requirements are better customer service and more productive employees. Companies want a communication system that would make it easier for customers to reach the right employee from anywhere;

This could mean that the call is forwarded to multiple numbers in a specified sequence, and, transferring the call from a land line to a mobile phone without any interruptions. With Unified Communications (UC) the call would automatically be routed to the device the employee you are trying to reach whether they are using a phone, a PC, or mobile phone. Customers immediately connect with the person they wish to reach instead of “Your Business Is Important to Us” recording.

Any location with an Internet Connection can be a working office. Your company can be more responsive to customer requests by streamlining access to people and information. Customers get what they need when they need it. Cisco’s UC, in partnership with Evron,

makes it possible:

To understand UC, consider all the tools your business uses now, phone systems, mobile phones, faxes, Internet, voicemail and others. Think about all the productivity applications you use i.e., calendaring, conferencing, emails, and messaging. Now instead of separate, distinct tools, they could be working together as one solution. Instead of running on independent telephone cabling and relying on proprietary equipment to deliver these capabilities, UC leverages the company’s data infrastructure so services on the data network are made available via the phone system and vice versa. The reason is because voice and data use the same network.

As another benefit, thanks to wireless virtual private network VPN features, soft phones, business applications and communication tools such as instant messaging and video conferencing employees can easily stay in touch no matter where people are or what device they use. Operational efficiency transpires when employees have the ability to share data and communications effectively.

Effective interaction between employees, partners, suppliers and customers is a sure fire way to boost efficiency while also reducing cost. Integrated voice, video, data and wireless provides the kind of interactive calendaring, video conferencing, IP communications and other technologies that your business needs to foster seamless easy collaboration.

You no longer need a separate voice and data system. You now have a single structure with lower maintenance costs. These solutions are smart, simple, secure, reliable, scalable and affordable. Unified Communications is a platform for increasing productivity, reducing cost, and elevating employee and customer experiences. These are vital components for your business operation.

Integration and Application development services are a key competency of Evron. As an example, we have integrated UC with Business Vision which is a complete all inclusive business and accounting software application. With the integration of UC and Business Vision we can provide additional productivity gains and opportunities to better manage your business.

Imagine what you can do with information like this.

Think of how you can improve your business and we at Evron can help you make it happen.

Paulette Kestelman

Paulette Kestelman has 30 years management experience, Outsourcing, Human Resource Service delivery and Customer Service.

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