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Unified Communications (UC) is a communications platform that enables you to communicate with your employees and client base reliably, securely and quickly.

Evron is committed to offering Unified Communication (UC) services - which includes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - for your business.

UC is an excellent suite of voice and data applications that will benefit your business. To clarify, UC should not be confused with simply VoIP, for VoIP is a subset of UC and provides the medium through which UC works.

As you and your employees become more mobile, you will need a consolidated communication tool like UC to better communicate to clients and colleagues in a quick, reliable fashion.

Through the use of Cisco Systems' technology and Evron's commitment to quality and reliability, we deliver a cost effective, world-class communication system.

What is UC?

UC, simply put, ties all your communication tools together into one seamless package. It simplifies and centralizes your contacts information and makes it easily accessible to everyone.

UC works by employing the use of your existing digital networks. For example, you can remotely make and receive calls as simply, securely and easily as a conventional office phone line. Further, UC allows you to use email, Rich Media, instant messaging and collaborative work spaces easily. It's flexible, mobile, cheaper and scalable.

UC is, essentially, a communications platform that allows a user to integrate all their traditional business tools - phone, email, instant messaging, video and even virtual whiteboards - together for real-time functionality. This gives a business owner immense opportunities to deliver information faster to clients and colleagues.

For example, UC can integrate your voice mail and email systems together and let you receive a voice message through your email system. Moreover, contacts in your email system becomes your address book on your phone that your employees can access without having to dial any numbers. Not only that, contacts in your accounting system - such as BusinessVision - can be linked into your address book and become part of a shared global address book.

Most importantly is how UC acts as an extension of mobility for your workers. In effect, UC enables offices to "go remote" if one so desires. Unlike in the past, where a client may have called into the office looking to speak to someone but found they were unavailable, UC integrates all the functions of a traditional office into a single platform for far easier access to people, even on the go.

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Why UC?

UC has two primary benefits for you and your business: it helps reduce operational costs and can do a wider variety of communication-oriented tasks.

Operational costs are significantly lower with a UC package. For example, mobile workers can connect, through the Internet, back to their head office and use UC to make local calls - clients will not even realize that the mobile worker is on the road. Considering you're using your pre-existing Internet connection to make calls, send messages, email and send video, you automatically save money. Cost savings are not only from improved productivity, but also from a simpler infrastructure. Unlike standard phones, UC phones can work with standard computer cabling. There is no need to add separate phone drops and jacks.

From a flexibility point of view, UC is particularly strong. You can collaborate with customers across regions with video. You can stay in touch with an employee much more easily and send them emails, data and information while they're on-site that sync with computers back at the office.

Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business

Now it's easy for your small business can deploy a simple, affordable, easy-to-manage unified communications system with the industry-leading Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business. This solution eliminates multiple servers and combines voice, data, voicemail, Automated Attendant, video, security, and wireless capabilities. It also integrates with existing desktop applications such as calendar, e-mail, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. The easy-to-manage solution supports up to 64 users in flexible deployment models based on your needs. Future releases will support up to 104 users.

It includes:

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